Restaurant Online Ordering System: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

October 27, 2022
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Restaurant Online Ordering System: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Companies that delivered food thrived when the world was locked down for two years! If a restaurant didn't have an online ordering system, they had no way of doing business. Partnerships with third-party food delivery services were formed, and small restaurants that were once technological dinosaurs had to learn how to put their services online fast or risk going out of business.

What is a restaurant's online ordering system?

A restaurant ordering system is an online program that customers can access from a restaurant's website to fill in their information and order food to be delivered or picked up. It allows the restaurant to get details about customers and keep track of their favorite orders or offer promotions and rewards for orders.

Does my restaurant need an online ordering system?

Every restaurant that wants to increase sales and efficiency should have an online ordering system. Now that restaurants have opened back up, they can see how precarious that business is so anything that brings in additional customers through the door is welcome. This system can increase restaurant efficiency by having all of the orders funneling through the same system and showing up in your kitchen to be fulfilled faster. When you have a company like DoorDash or Skip the dishes attached to that system, that order will also come to the kitchen and be packaged up for pickup. This system can also increase restaurant revenue as you are more visible to online customers and your menu is searchable to people in the area who want to try out new food. You will also be one of the restaurants featured on the third-party app.

There are some questions you will want to be answered once you have decided to make the switch to an online system:

Do I need to set up my own website?

Yes, you will need a place for customers to enter their orders and also a forum to offer delivery or pickup either through the restaurant or third-party delivery companies. Your website can be a place for customers to join to get rewards for every order. You can set up promotions, and point systems and offer rewards to customers on your website. When you collect information for the orders, you will have the contact information for all of your customers so you can send them updates, special promotions, or price drops instantly and generate business.

What's a third-party online ordering app?

Third-party ordering companies like DoorDash and GrubHub have their own websites and apps that can be integrated into restaurant technologies. Customers can order through on an electronic device. These companies charge a fee with every purchase but they will put your restaurant on their website and have you in front of customers who want to buy your food.

What kind of system should I set up?

There are three kinds of online ordering systems available:

  • Setting up your own website
  • Third-party app
  • Third-party app with integrated POS (point of sale) system

What are the benefits of having your own website?

Setting up your own website

There are seven benefits to having your own website:

  • Keep your profits - third-party apps charge a fee per transaction which can add up and put a dent in your profits. Most of the time a restaurant has to make a separate menu with higher prices for the app so they don't lose money on every sale.
  • Eliminate manual orders - everything is streamlined through your website
  • Reduce errors - keep customer satisfaction high with more accurate order fulfillment
  • Better customer experience - you will have more control over the sale from start to finish so you can enhance the customer's experience
  • Seamless pickups and deliveries - when all orders are coming through the same place, it increases efficiency
  • Create loyal customers - create a loyalty system for existing customers with rewards and special offers that will keep them coming back
  • Boost your sales - give customers the option of ordering online or coming into the restaurant and sitting down to a meal.

What is the cost of an online ordering system?

Depending on which online ordering system for restaurants you go with, an ordering system for restaurants can pay for itself in increased revenue or you could be spending a lot of money on fees with a third party. Some third-party delivery companies will take 15-20% of every sale, so unless the business is increasing exponentially with the addition of this system, you are better off going the less expensive route and paying someone to design your website.

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