When Do You Need a KDS?

February 7, 2023
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When Do You Need a KDS?

It can be easy to put off implementing a Kitchen Display System (KDS) because you’re worried about the pricing and possible ways it can affect your restaurant. However, your restaurant may be showing signs that a KDS is needed without you realizing it. 

Your restaurant needs a KDS when:

You have a high volume of customer complaints. 

If your restaurant is receiving numerous customer complaints about incorrect orders not being ready on time, or food being cold, it’s a clear sign your restaurant needs a better system in place.

A KDS displays orders electronically, which reduces errors, as orders are relayed directly from the Point of Sale (POS) to the KDS. 

Your restaurant has a high volume of waste.

Precision is a necessity in restaurants; a lack of it can lead to a loss of profits. Kitchen errors lead to waste, which directly affects inventory and, in turn, profits. The KDS ensures the orders are being sent through correctly to the back of the house, so there’s no confusion or errors.

You have high paper costs. 

Restaurants use paper for almost everything: inventory reports, customer receipts, and especially order receipts. A KDS can digitize some of these features so that you and your staff are using less paper, ultimately saving money.

You have high turnover.

With a busy restaurant, sometimes it can be difficult to properly train staff in time. There are times when you’ll need to put an employee to work as soon as possible because of staffing issues, and this can hinder the performance of your restaurant. A KDS can display procedures and recipes on its display to aid in training, and the material will always be available to all staff.

Your restaurant has long wait times

If your restaurant has long wait times for food, it can be due to preparing items in an incorrect order. Employees may be starting off with simple items, like a salad, before putting their attention into the meals that are going to take longer to prepare.

This can be avoided with a KDS because dishes can be categorized by their type. By looking at the display, kitchen staff can also determine what items can be prepared simultaneously to maximize time and output.

All of these are critical signs you need a KDS in place.

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