Why do I need a KDS?

February 7, 2023
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Why do I need a KDS?

Many factors go into managing a restaurant, and it can be difficult to maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction. Implementing technology like a Kitchen Display System (KDS) can help transform your food service.

What is a KDS?

A Kitchen Display System, or KDS, is a digital screen system that manages customer orders for restaurants. It completely digitizes the process, so there is less room for error, which is essential for profits and customer satisfaction. Employees put the orders into the POS, and the orders appear in the kitchen, instantly.

Why do I need Fresh KDS?  

Fresh KDS can help the front of house, off-premise, and back of the house of your restaurant run smoother and improve efficiency in several ways.

Eliminate Errors 

Fresh KDS visualizes orders in an easy-to-read fashion, not in someone’s indecipherable handwriting. Quick service restaurants can add kiosks to provide more access points for placing orders. Inputting orders electronically reduces errors, as orders are transferred from the POS to Fresh KDS. This ultimately means fewer dishes are made incorrectly, and less food is wasted.

Decrease Monthly Costs 

Precision is a necessity in restaurants; a lack of it can lead to a loss of profits. Kitchen errors lead to waste, which impacts the bottom line. 

Employee Satisfaction  

Training programs are essential to ensure employees are prepared to function in their tasks. While the point is for employees to perform and contribute to production immediately, the busy pace of the restaurant industry and the need to get workers in place can interrupt training. 

These distractions result in incomplete training, and poorly trained workers may have to turn to more experienced employees, which can slow down production.  

Restaurants can even use the technology as a source of training to encourage their employees to work and train at the same time.

Overall Benefits of Fresh KDS

Fresh KDS is valuable for any restaurant, new or established, and the benefits that come with them can help restaurants with many different aspects.

  • Reduced ticket times: Fresh KDS reduces the amount of time patrons have to wait on their food, which improves their satisfaction and can help restaurants increase their business by serving customers faster.

Improved customer experiences: Fresh KDS can help keep track of what orders were received in what order and can help orders for the same table or group be made together. This means the food is at the right temperature when it’s delivered, whether that be hot or cold, and the quality of the food will be better.

The Best Kitchen Display System Starting at $19/mo

Fresh KDS is an easy to use, tablet-based kitchen display system that helps you improve efficiency, eliminate errors, and increase revenue.

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