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Discover our powerful integrations that work with your existing tools.


Set up your Fresh KDS tablet as a printer in your POS or directly from the cloud via internet.


Connect your Fresh KDS tablet to the internet to get orders.


We're on it! We're working to integration Fresh KDS. If this one means the world to you, let us know!

Open. For. Business.

We believe in technology that's open - allowing you to connect to any other system. We've created multiple ways for you to get your data in or out, or extend the functionality of the system to meet your operational requirements. The only limitation is your imagination.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Build a cloud-based integration and send orders to Fresh KDS from any other open system.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Build a network integration and send orders to Fresh KDS from a device on the local network.

Automated Even Messages (Webhooks)

Send information to another system based on a specific action - such as clearing orders from the screen.

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